The coffee maker that was inspired by a mathematical formula Hario V60

What began as a company dedicated to the manufacture of heat resistant laboratory items in 1921 is today an empire of products for the table and the kitchen. We are talking about Hario, the creators of the V60, the coffee extraction method that in a short time has gained many followers for its practicality in preparing this drink.

It was around 1980 that Hario began to develop the V60, inspired by the quadratic function y = x², the well-known mathematical formula for the construction of a parabola. By designing it with this particular conical shape at an angle of 60 degrees (hence its name, vector 60), the Hario specialists wanted the water to pass through the ground coffee and not stay unlike the infusion methods, and thus achieve a more pure tasting cup. The paper filter added depth so that the liquid falls through the large central hole into the cup, leaving space on the sides for air to be released through the spiral slots.

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