"There exists in the universe a force capable of traversing the three worlds of man: a goddess represented by a great serpent or snake. It is born in Ukhu Pacha and emerges to the earth, crawling with mighty trembling towards Kay Pacha. It meanders forward, creating life in its wake. Turning into a cloud, it ascends towards Hanan Pacha to take the form of lightning, announcing itself with lightning and with its light to finally fall with a roar in the form of rain, blessing our land and all its fruits".

"History based on the legend collected by the amauta Luis E. Valcárcel in his book: 'Ethnohistory of Ancient Peru'. Ed. UNMSM. Lima, 1964, Second edition, pp.137-138".


We are a Peruvian brand that functions as a link between the coffee growers' organizations and the buyers, formed by a group of people grateful for the blessing of our land and conscious that it should return to those who produce it. Yakumama blesses only those who live in harmony with her, rebelling against the changes suggested by the unnatural transformation of the fruits of the earth. Its protective spirit of nature identifies us with it and commits us, as a brand, to take this legend to concrete actions, thus benefiting the earth, its fruits and those who cultivate them.


We are one of the knots in the web. We are the union between man and his origin. Thus we are forming this millenary warp, an inheritance of primitive cultures, those who have bequeathed us the magic and wisdom to overcome destiny.


We go together on the eternal road of life, where we teach and learn. We are a brand grateful for the blessing of our lands and we are convinced that this blessing must return to those who produce it.


Consolidate our position as a seal of guarantee, ensuring the supply of 100% organic products through fair trade that benefits the associated cooperatives and achieves the sustainable development of our communities.


Professionalism, passion and experience on the field are our signature. Our team is conformed by experts in exporting specialty coffee and other organic products from Peru. We applied all that we learn with effort to achieve fair negotiations for our coffee growers and also for the clients that trust us and give meaning to each journey.



From a centuries-old tradition of coffee growers great grandparents, due to the enormous potential of coffee and convinced that its roots would bear fruit, he decided to continue this work and reach new horizons. He concentrated on undertake and that's how Yakumama was born.

Ana María Dávila


Industrial engineering. It has been working with coffee organizations since 2015 in quality areas, projects and others, since then the love for coffee continues to grow. From Yakumama, he communicates the work of the coffee growers and how the delicious coffee reaches their table.


Whatever the times on this planet, there are always guardians who understand the messages that nature has given us and will continue to give us. Especially in lands like ours.
In Yakumama we promote the practice of organic agriculture in the organizations with which we work, so that we obtain chemical-free coffees and, at the same time, we conserve the fertility of our lands and the biodiversity of the environment, including the protection of water sources and forest species. In this way, in the context of climate change, we ensure the sustainability of coffee and other crops for future generations.


Although the human being is defined as an animal of progress, there are methods that go beyond time. The practice of organic agriculture in our communities guarantees the cultivation and processing of coffee without the use of agrochemicals, thus conserving the soil, fertilizing it and planting trees that provide natural shade to our coffee plantations.


The emergence and care of life always needed that which complements each other. We, for example, place emphasis on cultural and technological practices that foster renewed, pruned, healthy and nourished coffee plantations. This meticulousness of an integral knowledge protects the coffee from pests and makes it possible to conserve all the organoleptic attributes that make the bean stand out in the cup.


The blessing that is poured generously on our lands will only be well used through effort and development. As a company, we work to increase crop productivity, to combat pests that can harm us and to strengthen the capacities of our producer families, as well as to properly manage drying, transportation and storage.


Guaranteeing the safety of all our products is not simply an added value, it is a responsibility that benefits us, since producing and offering a coffee that is traceable to its origin allows us to make decisions aimed at the continuous improvement of our processes, gradually raising the quality of our product.


Confidence in the work of our coffee growers must be rooted in the very spirit of sustainability, the awareness that we not only provide the best to the world for our own benefit, but also for the benefit of those who will come after us. This guarantee of the profitability of our crops is strengthened for the peace of mind of our customers, establishing long-term relationships based on the cornerstone of this reflection: development is also a commitment to our future.


As important as the quality of the organic fruits we offer are the conditions under which they are produced. In Yakumama we work respecting the natural environment and contribute in this way to protect nature under fair working conditions, guaranteeing total transparency.